Tapioca crepes II

My previous attempt  – making crepes with rice flour failed. Big time. Lumps everywhere. But I did use the pancake cup. This time, I used a mixer. Maybe that is the trick. (can’t find anything nline to show what a pancake cup is, sorry).

I am having a love affair with tapioca flour right now. I made pudding and pancakes this week!!

The recipe;

1 egg – recipe says 2 🙂 

2tsp water – I used milk ((Gb says; use more. Waaaaaaay more!! )) Because the recipe really say 2 CUPS of milk.

1/2 cup tapioca flour 

vanilla (forgot what the recipe says. We have this vanilla sugar bags, and I always use one in every baked thingy I do. )

The first time I made them – I only used a few splashes of milk, and it was very thick, so i said to myself “add more milk next time”. But they tasted great!! I also added a little xanthan gum.

Rule with crepes -MAKE IT WAIT. I only waited 10 minutes, and it got way thicker. So wait!! Let it rest for about an hour, the best is in the fridge.

So, yesterday I went for it again, made the batter a few hours earlier, used 2 cups of milk, poured the batter, waited, thought it must be done on one side, wanted to flip it over…No go. It all glued together when I flipped it. With next one, I made it thicker, because I thought maybe it was too thin in the pan and that is why it doesn’t want to flip.  Nope. Wasn’t that either. I ended it up eating as a schmarn. It’s sort of when you do a thick crepe batter, than you “rip” it apart with spatula. It was my attempt to save the crepe. Again, it didn’t work, It was a pile of gooey sticky mess.

I have up at that point. I was so disappointed, that a day ago, I finally made a GF recipe that worked, and the next day it didn’t. There was some batter still left, and I’ll add some rice flour to this one, and maybe it will be better. Something resembling crepes would be great.

Sight. GF cooking sucks. I don’t want to look for the light at the end of the tunnel or poring the half full glass. It sucks.


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