Less than two weeks untill the wedding!

Here is the list of things I need to 1)take care off 2) buy.


  • Call my aunt to ask her if I can spend the night at their place on the wedding night (she’ll say yes, but I need to do it)
  • Take the dress to the seamstress so she shortens it for a few inches/centimeters
  • Decide what am I going to wear over the dress. I am think a bolero jacket, but I don’t think anything I have would do.
  • Do weights every day so my arms look toned. I don’t care, I am sure I can get some sort of result in two weeks!
  • Figure out where they sell double stick tape, The dress is more low cut than it looks, and I don’t want my bra to peek out.
  • Decide what I’ll do with my hair; a sorta soft mohawk or use some hairband, or ribbon tied like a headband…
  • Makeup???


  • Self tanner
  • Shoes
  • A clutch
  • Headband /ribbon

This list will probbably get altered in the upcoming days…


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