Wedding attire – great improvement!

So, here is the list, and the changes…


  • Call my aunt to ask her if I can spend the night at their place on the wedding night (she’ll say yes, but I need to do it)    To do.
  • Take the dress to the seamstress so she shortens it for a few inches/centimeters //Done! It’s there!
  • Decide what am I going to wear over the dress. I am think a bolero jacket, but I don’t think anything I have would do. Bought!! It’s perfect, 3/4 sleeves, light pink and it matches the dress! And I bought it with vouchers that I had, so I didn’t spend any money 🙂
  • Do weights every day so my arms look toned. I don’t care, I am sure I can get some sort of result in two weeks! To do. It’s all my bro’s fault, he is supposed to find them in his room, and he hasn’t yet. So I’ll really go hard core this week.
  • Figure out where they sell double stick tape, The dress is more low cut than it looks, and I don’t want my bra to peek out.          To do.
  • Decide what I’ll do with my hair; a sorta soft mohawk or use some hairband, or ribbon tied like a headband…I emailed the pics of what I got to my friend, and she had the brilliantest idea – I can use the scrap of fabric that my seamstress gave to me so I could buy the remaining stuff, and use it as a hair accessorie!!
  • Makeup???          To do. I’ll experiment a bit this week. I think I’ll go apricot + gold on the eyes. It sounds awful, pink  + apricot, but it works on the dress (I think and hope and pray!!)


  • Self tanner – no need! I’ll wear stockings anyway, and as far as back, hand and front go – I’ll use sparkles. I don’t know how it’s called; it’s a spray and it makes your skin sparkle. I have two version, a very subtle one and very obvious one, I have to test it to see what works better. Subtle one, probably.
  • Shoes – Bought!!!!  They are cheap shoes, but the style, the color and heal are perfect! I can’t belive how the shoes match the jacket, it’s perfect! And I am braking one of my biggest no-no’s here. Peep toes and stockings. But the peep is really small,so – a)my toes don’t really show and b) the stocking also don’t show. So I think I’ll live.
  • A clutch  – No need. I’ll borrow one.
  • Headband /ribbon – Solution found 🙂

I also bought stockings (two pairs, sheer/golden) and those gel thingies that you put in the shoes so your feet don’t start killing you after an hour.

I’ll start practicing and breaking the shoes in tomorrow, because I wore my other shoes – heels – two days n a row now (while shopping for a jacket and shoes) and my feet are killing me.

All in all, I am very very happy with my purchases  – how they look and how much they cost and how appropriate they are.


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