Travel plans

I know how I’ll get there, I just need to buy the ticket for the return ride, but at least I know the date.

Asked for €€ and I’ll get it. I’ll have to survive a lecture, though…

Couldn’t sleep last night because of everything turning over and over in my mind…Than I took a notebook, and wrote everything down. It helped!

Did my legs today, I’ll do a face mask in the evening, and wore my shorts while lawn mowing today so they’ll at least see some sun. And I’ll help grannie on the garden tomorrow, that will help too.

I didn’t let myself get excited over the trip untill last week, I was worried sick how I’ll put everything together, but things are looking up now, so it’s more a happy feeling than dread as before.

Keep your fingers cross that all goes well, please!


Tentative packing list I

Tentative, because hotel is reserved, plans are made, yet I still have no ticket and still haven’t borrowed the money and have yet to tell my mom. Maybe today when my uncle comes, he knows…Yep, he blabbed. Mom was happy about it (me seing my friends, and the guest of honor coming…), but we haven’t talked about it on our own, yet, so…I am still waiting. OMG, she is being totally supportive, helping me figure out the transportation stuff, I am pleasantly surprised! Just got the number of somebody who could help me, texting now….Cross your fingers…Longshot….It was too good to be true. Not going to happen. So, I am stuck with the train. Some complication, like having to reserve a hotel for one more night, not spending the Bday with my friend, see,  the problem is, I have to be there by friday; my train doesn’t go there on fridays…

So probably I am going from thursday to thursday, now I am waiting for my friend to tell me the dates are ok with her,  and finding my balls to ask mom for the €€.

Buy presents for ;

guest family

guest of honor




2 new skirts, one striped mom’s skirt

violet pants

jeans *2


black sneakers



salmon jacket

black, violet (long sleeves) and pink wrap

cosmetic stuff

green baggy pants

pills (omega, health, allergy, head *2)

which purse????

To be continued…

Travel gluten free with Gluten free diva

You can find the whole article here, I’ll give you the short version.

  • Make a list of  travel snacks.
  • If you are invited to eat at someone else’s house, call your hosts in advance to ask what’s on the menu and how the meal will be prepared.
  • When eating catered meals – get in touch with the person in charge of preparing the food, explain what you can and cannot eat, in order to give them time to prepare for your meal.
  • Part of planning your road trip can include searching online for restaurants near your destination.
  • Use Google to find out about the supermarkets near your destination.
  • Think outside the sandwich box ((skip the bread in sandwich 🙂  )
  • Don’t be afraid to turn your hotel room in a mini-kitchen – don’t be ashamed for having food in it. Maybe the maids wonder, but so what? You need it. No shame in it.
  • Go to and print out free Gluten Free Restaurant cards to carry with you and give to restaurant wait staff.
  • Pack a few essentials in a can opener, a knife, other tools that are essential for you.

My addition; take some essentials with you. Maybe the store will be out of your favourite bread. Maybe the hotel will be uncooperative. You never know. You know your food best, so pack it. It doesn’t have to be for 3 weeks, just enough to get you through the first days. My essentials are bread and cookies.

Don’t be ashamed of it. Are people with peanut allergy apologetic? Everybody knows how dangerous that is, why would you be apologetic about your allergy/illness/condition?? No need. Just tell it as a fact, and your solution to it.

Yesterday, we had lunch at other people’s. I had my bread with me, and I didn’t declare to the whole table “oh, I’m not eating this bread, watch me, I have my own”. I took mine and ate it. When a kid next to me asked what it is, I just told him how this is gluten-free bread and I get sick if I eat the other one. People nodded, and the lady next to me told me how her daughter has a very strong celiac. Turned into a nice conversation :))

Good luck!

p.s. I don’t have s strong celiac, I’m just sensitive to gluten, so maybe it’s harder for others; this is just my side of things; I am not very experienced yet, either, nor do I claim to be.  Just wanted to put it out in the open.


Spend the day with a  bunch of foster kids, most of them with special needs. Nobody can be more honest and more giving.

Walked 15km.

Still playing with the new maxthon.

Ate gluten. Sweets. So it’s…understandable 🙂   Again – I eat it but am aware of the consequences.

I resisted a snickers bar.

If things go according to plan, in two weeks, I’ll be braceless :((((


I am doing technical computer stuff!! Yikes!

I am in the process in switching from Maxthon 2.3.something to Maxthon 3.

That means typing in new passwords, FINALLY going through “favourites” – I am sure there is an option  “copy favourites” somewhere but I want to go through the weeds  – I must have about 60 favourites, at least, it badly needs sorting!

But I can’t even start explaining how much I love Maxthon, the best browser ever, and I don’t know  a single other person who uses it!

What I like best – that I can type something in the search bar and it will open in another window. I don’t always have to click another window open, than start searching.

Cross your fingers I don’t delete something of grave importance! Or that it turns out I can’t use something I am used to.

Just that i get used to it quickly and that it will behave itself!

Pain, pain, go away…

Headache from hell. Nothing helps.

Can’t sleep because…

I am going to meet my friends in another country next week, have yet to tell my family  (mom is going to freak because I should be concentrating on uni) and have yet to gather money for it, have yet to finalize my means of transportation – train, carpooling…

I have to fill up the social services paperwork. Hate it.

Have to go to bank and deal with my account. Ugh.

I have the worst looking hair in the history of hair, and because i am saving for the meeting, I have to I can’t comb it in any way that would work. Handband doesn’t work. The only thing I can do to at least be able to go in public is a flat pouf in front. I don’t even want to look how it looks on the back. And I’ll have travel through europe and make countless of pics next week. I think I’ll just wear a heat the whole time.  ///That doesn’t really keep me up at night, but if I am complaining, it has to be on the list).

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