Soup dumplings

We like to eat clear soups here, and add things; like this tiny pasta in different shapes – you know, alphabet pasta?

Well, the other day, I realised that it’s not a lot of GF things to put in there. So instead of making dumplings with semolina flour (at least I think it translates that way), I do it with cornmeal, like one used for polenta.  Semolina is no go for me because of the whole gluten issue. But the recipe is the same, so you can do it any way you want.

You need one egg (beaten) , 4 tablespoons (normal spoons you eat soup with) of cornmeal and a splash of oil.

You mix it all together to get a dense mixture.(I use a fork). You let it set for a while so the “flour” soaks the moisture. Than you mix it up with the spoon again, and it has to be quite dense. Prepare a pot  of boiling water/stock. Take two dessert spoons. With one spoon, take the “batter”, and transfer it to the other spoons (from the side) so you get shapes – oval shapes, not ball like; when you are taking them from one spoon to another, do it a few times with the batter – it has to stay in shape. If it’s too liquid, it will fall apart during cooking. Keep adding cornmeal untill it’s dense enough – and mix it good.

So, play with it  taking them from one spoon on another, and when you are happy with the shape and form, dunk it in the water/stock, and it should float.

Two things to remember – they will all soak up water and get bigger; they will all float, so you need a big enough pot that they can all swim.

Cook them for about 20 minutes, and then hopefully, enjoy them 🙂


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