The wedding preparations

I wonder how many titles I can come up with “wedding” in it ūüôā


  • Aunt /sleepover – done. She said yes, we still have to figure out the house key situation, but she’ll leave it to me under the mat, or something, no big deal.
  • Dress is here and it’s perfect. It’s almost unbelievable how great the jacket fits¬†it, in cut and in color!
  • weights – Still to do. Brother says he can’t find them. Too late now, I think.
  • double stick tape – ¬†Still to do. And I don’t have high hopes to find it. I’ll have to improvise or be carefull so I don’t flash people.
  • Hair – ¬†I played with scraps, and¬†made perfect bobby pin + scrap¬† of fabric hair pin. I just took a short(8 cm)¬† scrap, schrunch¬†it up in the middle so it resembles a bow, and pulled it through the bobby pin, than push it in the hair, and voila! I just need to take it¬†to grandma so she ¬†hems it. Love it!!
  • Makeup – my foundation sucks. So I’ll have to mix it myself. As for eyes, I played with it today with the eyeshadows¬†my darling neighbour borrowed, and I think it’s decided, which colors¬†compliment ¬†each other¬†and which way to apply it.
  • Same with sparkling body stuff. I have shimmering body lotion and shimmering body oil. I’ll try again tomorrow, on “naked” arms, to see which looks better.
  • Shoes ‚ÄstThe gel pads work, but not enough!!!!!!!! They still slip out at the heel. Darn it. I’ve been wearing them, one hour yesterday¬†and about 3 hours¬†today, because¬†I have no “high heels” muscles – I could feel them today after I wore them yesterday! Good idea.
  • A¬†clutch¬† ‚ÄstI have two so far, my mom is just bringing me two more, a co-worker borrowed them to me. When I see them all, I’ll decide.


So – everything is ready but the stupid shoes. See, on my prom, I had the same problem! my shoes wouldn’t stay on my feet, and I had to TIE THEM UP WITH A WIRE.¬†So, it’s a war! This will not happen again!!


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