A review; Lion breeds book one and Panther breed book one //1

Lora Leigh, Tempting the beast (book 1 ) and The man within (book 2). Both 8/10.

Merinus and Callan, and Veronica/Ronnie and Taber.

Book one in Feline breeds; we get to know a bit of history about the Breeds, and also the Tyler family, seven brothers and a sister. Good enough dialogue, a bit too much sex, and even though I admit it’s essential to the stories, I don’t like it when body controls the mind.

Book two is about Taber and Ronnie; I was a bit afraid they will have The Big Mixup play too long in the story, I hate when they do that, but they sort it out in about the beginning of the second third, that’s fine. I could have done with a little less violence sex scenes.

Disclaimer; I like sex scenes. But not on every third page.

I love love love when they have two characters – Sierra and Kane – who are so hot for each other, and we get just enough about them in the books so we Can Not Wait to get to their book (Think Sam and Alyssa in Troubleshooters)!!

Also, horrendous covers.

*rubbing my hands* can’t wait to continue with the series, its’ a looong one, just how I like them!


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