Can’t sleep because…

I am going to meet my friends in another country next week, have yet to tell my family  (mom is going to freak because I should be concentrating on uni) and have yet to gather money for it, have yet to finalize my means of transportation – train, carpooling…

I have to fill up the social services paperwork. Hate it.

Have to go to bank and deal with my account. Ugh.

I have the worst looking hair in the history of hair, and because i am saving for the meeting, I have to I can’t comb it in any way that would work. Handband doesn’t work. The only thing I can do to at least be able to go in public is a flat pouf in front. I don’t even want to look how it looks on the back. And I’ll have travel through europe and make countless of pics next week. I think I’ll just wear a heat the whole time.  ///That doesn’t really keep me up at night, but if I am complaining, it has to be on the list).


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