I am doing technical computer stuff!! Yikes!

I am in the process in switching from Maxthon 2.3.something to Maxthon 3.

That means typing in new passwords, FINALLY going through “favourites” – I am sure there is an option  “copy favourites” somewhere but I want to go through the weeds  – I must have about 60 favourites, at least, it badly needs sorting!

But I can’t even start explaining how much I love Maxthon, the best browser ever, and I don’t know  a single other person who uses it!

What I like best – that I can type something in the search bar and it will open in another window. I don’t always have to click another window open, than start searching.

Cross your fingers I don’t delete something of grave importance! Or that it turns out I can’t use something I am used to.

Just that i get used to it quickly and that it will behave itself!


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