Travel gluten free with Gluten free diva

You can find the whole article here, I’ll give you the short version.

  • Make a list of  travel snacks.
  • If you are invited to eat at someone else’s house, call your hosts in advance to ask what’s on the menu and how the meal will be prepared.
  • When eating catered meals – get in touch with the person in charge of preparing the food, explain what you can and cannot eat, in order to give them time to prepare for your meal.
  • Part of planning your road trip can include searching online for restaurants near your destination.
  • Use Google to find out about the supermarkets near your destination.
  • Think outside the sandwich box ((skip the bread in sandwich 🙂  )
  • Don’t be afraid to turn your hotel room in a mini-kitchen – don’t be ashamed for having food in it. Maybe the maids wonder, but so what? You need it. No shame in it.
  • Go to and print out free Gluten Free Restaurant cards to carry with you and give to restaurant wait staff.
  • Pack a few essentials in a can opener, a knife, other tools that are essential for you.

My addition; take some essentials with you. Maybe the store will be out of your favourite bread. Maybe the hotel will be uncooperative. You never know. You know your food best, so pack it. It doesn’t have to be for 3 weeks, just enough to get you through the first days. My essentials are bread and cookies.

Don’t be ashamed of it. Are people with peanut allergy apologetic? Everybody knows how dangerous that is, why would you be apologetic about your allergy/illness/condition?? No need. Just tell it as a fact, and your solution to it.

Yesterday, we had lunch at other people’s. I had my bread with me, and I didn’t declare to the whole table “oh, I’m not eating this bread, watch me, I have my own”. I took mine and ate it. When a kid next to me asked what it is, I just told him how this is gluten-free bread and I get sick if I eat the other one. People nodded, and the lady next to me told me how her daughter has a very strong celiac. Turned into a nice conversation :))

Good luck!

p.s. I don’t have s strong celiac, I’m just sensitive to gluten, so maybe it’s harder for others; this is just my side of things; I am not very experienced yet, either, nor do I claim to be.  Just wanted to put it out in the open.


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