Tentative packing list I

Tentative, because hotel is reserved, plans are made, yet I still have no ticket and still haven’t borrowed the money and have yet to tell my mom. Maybe today when my uncle comes, he knows…Yep, he blabbed. Mom was happy about it (me seing my friends, and the guest of honor coming…), but we haven’t talked about it on our own, yet, so…I am still waiting. OMG, she is being totally supportive, helping me figure out the transportation stuff, I am pleasantly surprised! Just got the number of somebody who could help me, texting now….Cross your fingers…Longshot….It was too good to be true. Not going to happen. So, I am stuck with the train. Some complication, like having to reserve a hotel for one more night, not spending the Bday with my friend, see,  the problem is, I have to be there by friday; my train doesn’t go there on fridays…

So probably I am going from thursday to thursday, now I am waiting for my friend to tell me the dates are ok with her,  and finding my balls to ask mom for the €€.

Buy presents for ;

guest family

guest of honor




2 new skirts, one striped mom’s skirt

violet pants

jeans *2


black sneakers



salmon jacket

black, violet (long sleeves) and pink wrap

cosmetic stuff

green baggy pants

pills (omega, health, allergy, head *2)

which purse????

To be continued…


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