Tempted. Very tempted.

So…….I am very happy with my cell. It’s lilac, a samsung, it’s small and light, it works great, even though I threw it on the floor more then several times in the last two years, and I even bathed it. (Ok, the “back” arrow doesn’t work, but that is the result of bathing)

And untill yesterday, I was happy with it and didn’t even think about new one. Than I got my cell bill and it contained some new cells. And I started thinking  if I am out of my contract, it would be smart to get a new one, since it’s a 2 year contract, and it doesn’t make sence to be out of one. And than I started to look at them and I totally got into it 🙂

IMHO, our operators offer great deals.

I’ve done my reasearch.

I compared the characteristics, not just on operators page but on others; I’ve read the reviews of top contenders.

And there is one that looks great and has a slide “door”, which I really like, and it comes in pink.          All the others are probably boring black and silver. ((maybe, “mine”(aka the one I have now decided to probably buy) BUT this pink ones features are on the bottom of all contenders.

Sight. I’ll get my bro to call and ask a friend who works for this operator to ask if I am eligible for this deal, and if they have the cell in red. It’s a nokia. I have had about 6 different phones in the last 12 years, and even though Nokia has always been the one with the best reputation, I’ve never had one! I think it’s because I love the phones with clap doors or slide door, and they didn’t make a lot of those. Maybe it’s just my impression. Anyhow, if it goes through, I’ll have my first nokia!

Than I’ll be an owner of touch screen, like, finally.

So…I’ll see tomorrow! Because since I wrote the title a few minutes ago, and now all this, I have totally decided on getting it! I am already getting so  excited over all the new features it will have! It’s been two whole years since I got mine, sooooo many developments have been made!

Crossing my fingers it all goes well:)


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