I came in, sat, and she said “well, are we doing it today? 🙂 ”

We did.

She started by unwinding the wire that substituted the power chain on my top braces; than she opened the brackets and took both wires out. Than she took the pliers and clipped the last upper bracket ((my last upper brackets and last three lower brackets on each side are silver, and the others ceramic. i didn’t know if they were plastic or ceramic untill that day, but as you’ll here now, they certainly were 🙂  ) . The silver one went great. Clip, and it was gone. But than it came to the ceramic…First of all, they broke into thousand pieces when force is applied. So I didn’t open my eyes for a second out of fear of some landing in my eyes:) Second, it hurts. Not enough to cry, but it’s more than a little discomfort. It feels like she is pulling the whole tooth out! When she applied pressure to the tooth with one finger while she took of the bracket. So, she sort of pressed the tooth into my gums, to make it steadier. It really wasn’t fun. On the lowers, again, the silver came out pop, pop, pop, easy peasy, so if you have metal braces, you’ll be done in minutes. (Well, maybe – see, while in the waiting room – I’ll be coming back to what I heard in the waiting room a lot! ) a girl who was also debraced that day said she had metals, and that it hurt her a lot. So…I guess it’s different for everyone!)

Than the filling started. She filed, filed, filed….I belived she used about 5 different “drills”; from rougher to gentler. She filed everything. The surface of my teeth, the backs of them, the tops…So now they look like new teeth, because she gave them shape!

And I can confirm what everyone is repeating – they feel unbelievable smooth. And not because there are no braces there anymore; it’s because of the wonderful filing!

It’s like scrubbing your face with an exfoliator; it’s not necessarily rough before, but after you exfoliate, it’s so smooth!

So, next step was gluing a wire behind my bottom 4 teeth. It took what seemed a long time, because I had to keep my mouth wide, wide opened the whole time and I was not supposed to move my tounge. I though I didn’t, but she kept reminding me, and once, she even had to do something twice because I “moistened” the area! As I can see, it’s glued on each tooth separately, like a little piece of scotch tape on each tooth.

Than……It was over!! And she gave me a mirror. And they looked like someone elses teeth! They really did!!

Than part two started. They have to make a mold of my teeth, so they can make a mold of my retainer. After googling/binging it, I found out it’s called a vacuum retainer!

I also got a cute case for it, with a mirror; I’ll find some cute stickers for it, just to glam it up:)

Anyhow; the retainer. The rules are very strict. She was very serious when she talked about it, and because she is usually so easygoing, I intend to take it very seriously!

So; only water is allowed in my mouth while a retainer is in. ONLY WATER. And the teeth have to be brushed or cleaned with mouth water before putting them in, since they can be damaged easily (I am imaging they can dissolve a little, or something…And naturally, they get dirty otherwise! I am to wear them 24/7 for two months, than nightly. They are to be cleaned with cold or warm, but never hot water. I can use a brush, but lightly.

When I had them in, I lisped like there is no tomorrow 🙂

I also feel like I need to constantly “suck” the saliva out of my top retainer, and it does bruise my mouth a  little – but now when I was doing my reasearch, I read that is normal and that it will pass; ” During the first few days of retainer use, many people experience extra saliva in their mouth. This is natural and is due to the presence of a new object inside the  mouth and consequent stimulation fo the salivary glands,  It may be difficult to speak for a while after getting a retainer, but this speech difficulty should go away over time as one gets used to wearing it.”

Boy, am I glad to hear that 🙂

Oh, as for taking care of teeth. She told me to get a toothpaste rich with fluoride (she implied that Elmex is the best brand) , because the teeth are sensitive now and need pampering. I notice that the first night and next morning when I used my electric brush, that they were sore,but not anymore. But I am sure they are a bit damaged in a way not visible to me, so I am getting them a month of pampering before I give them a whitening treatment! I’ll do it at home, because I believe that whitening at the dentist’s office is harsher and I don’t want that!

Well, that is the whole story of how I said goodbye to my braces!

But as you see, the  journey is not over yet! I have to go back in september for a check up, and be very good in wearing my retainer, otherwise my teeth will wonder off again:) And I will sure be more vigilant with my dental care. Floss will become my friend now! I’ll finally be able to do it! Yeah!

As for the waiting room – don’t eat popcorn if you are in braces. The girls who had their teeth pulled out need longer treatment. If you feel like your wisdom teeth are about to come out, run like hell to have them taken out!


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