Woolf breed book one and snow leopard book one; a review //2

Lora Leigh; Elizabeth’s wolf  (book 3) 6/10 and Kiss of heat 8/10 (book 4)

Elisabeth and Dashes story; they meet, he saves her and her daughter from their wanna-be-kidnapers. It’s a good book, with a lot of emotional moments (a big factor in my book-ranking is if a cry) and again, I’ll have to get used to it with this series, sex scenes could be shorter. The only reason the ranking is low is because…I wasn’t interested in the story. I was just getting into the original pack family & the Taylors, and then bam, you get some stranger! The story does connect with the Pack, but…I just didn’t care.

Now, Sherra and Kane, on the other hand, I was very interested in. Afer years apart, and 6 months of foreplay, they can’t fight it anymore. I am glad that Kane saw the difference between physical needs, and emotional ones, and gave here time to realise that. It’s also the beginning of Dawn and  Seth Lawrence- if I assume right, judging by the title, I’ll have to wait untill book 14 (!!!) for their story.

And just what are Tanner and Cabal up to?


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