One week in retainer!!

Is much, much more appropriate title than one week out of braces.

Retainer is a pain in the ass. You can’t eat in it. You can’t drink in it. Maybe its just me,  but it gives you a murdering morning breath. It gives you a lisp. I am constantly scared I’ll somehow break it when I am putting it in or out, or when I am cleaning it – will I scratch it with the brush??

Two days ago, I was on a piano recital of a girl I know, and there was drinks and snakes afterward. Vine, orange juice, apple juice, mineral water. Cakes. Croissants.  Sweets. And all I could do was stand there with a glass of orange juice in my hands, because untill I had it, everyone kept coming and asking if I would like to drink something or eat something. That way I could at least smile and say “I have it already, thank you”. Not that I could take a sip. No. forbidden. All I could do was look at it!

So yeah. It sucks.

I can feel the difference in comparing when I take it out how my teeth are positioned, and a few hours later, so I do wear it more because that is just scary, thinking they could switch back!


But I was told  “You shouldn’t be too diligent when wearing the retainer because your teeth look too perfect now” 😀 So that makes it better:)

Another positive, because I don’t want to end this ona  whiny note – it’s really good that you can “stretch” my teeth now. You know before in braces, they are being moved and they are sore? Well, now you can give them room to breathe and stretch before you make them go and be tortured upon again.

Third – it’s only been a week. It can’t really get worse!

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