The lions breed book 3 and 4; a review //4

Lora Leigh: Megan’s mark (book 7)  7/10 and Harmony’s way (book 8) 9/10!

Megan’s mark; first time in the series a heroine wasn’t a virgin/raped/artificially impregnated and wasn’t smoothly shaven/waxed. Wow. Guess how doing anal is called? “His co’k breached the virgin portal“.

I’ll have to document this more often, they are borderline hilarious and uncomfortable. She has to promise to follow, but “he is not suppose to coddle her“. Jeeez, so much about equality…But lookey here; “He won’t take away her freedom, he just needs to know her weaknesses, otherwise there will be no trust between them as partners“. So generous. They are partners, as long as he leads.

Story of Megan, a cop, and Braden. She is an empath, and her fathers best friend, a senator, wants to capture her.

We meet Jonas Wyat; he thought he loved a woman, Aimee, but she already had a mate; he hadn’t known it.

Oh, this is happening 10 years after Calan and Merry.


Harmony’s way;Harmony is Jonas’s sister. Code name Death. Lance is Megan’s cousin, a sheriff. He understands her, he tells her in the beginning that he wants her to come to him, let’s her feel his heat for her, he doesn’t force her. In other books, this happens more towards the end of the books, I really liked that it happens in the beginning here. And I love how she has all those lotions and potions, how even thow she is an assassin, that doesn’t mean she is not feminine. And when she is frustrated, she goes for ice cream. Gotta love it.

OMG now I know why I like this book so much!! It’s a different publisher!!

Now I understand what a good editor can do.


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