Bakery sisters; a short review

Susan Mallery; book one – Sweet talk: 7/10 and two – Sweet spot:  6/10

Claire + Wyatt; I quite liked the first book, even  though it was all about “the big misunderstanding” at first; the sisters are not in contact because one is a concert pianist and the other think it was  a glorious life. Anyhow, she comes to take care for her sister when she has an operation, and they talk it out. She falls in love with her sisters friend, who also had a daughter from a previous marriage.

In book two, it’s all about getting pregnant;

Nicole + Hawk; In book two, it’s all about getting pregnant; pregnant twin sister (from first book); second sister pregnant (Natalie thinks it’s from her soon to be ex-husband, she says it’s from her boyfriend Matt), stray dog a boy she lets stay at her house pregnant; his daughter (yep, another daughter!)  – false pregnancy; than, what do you now, she get pregnant. I’m sorry, too much for me, I ain’t reading the third one!

Also, in both books the heroes are single fathers, and there is an issue about the heroines and their relationship with the daughters. Just too much of the same for me. Not bad, just ok books!


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