Family vacation!

Belive it or not, but my brother, mother, dog and me are going on vacation together!

3 or 4 days on the country; museums, parks, rivers, woods. Probably. The reservations are not 100% yet, so…It’s a fancy “hotel village”, in the deep countryside, we’ll know today if we are going or not. I’ll just post this in the morning, and tell you later what’s the deal.

I am hoping my bro will stay in a good mood, he is a very “react first think later”, and that the weather will be better than predicted.

Today….hairdresser, yes or not? Post office to pay cell bill; visit granny; make copies and  go to the thingy to take care of medical insurance (yuuuck, but I HAVE to do it, I have been putting it of for 2 months!!)

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