When nobody cares you are gluten free

I was not happy with the treatment in the restaurant of the retreat that we stayed at.

The food was great. From fish to venison, yummy. But I told them the first day I was gluten free. Yet nobody bothered to serve me venison without the bread dumpling on the plate. If I would be celiac, I couldn’t eat that plate. I just gave my portion to my brother who was happy to eat it, but…It shouldn’t happen. When I knew what the desert is, I asked for apple mouse without the dessert, and it wasn’t a problem. They just didn’t do it themselves.

Again, I wasn’t expecting a special menu every day, not at all; just ask me first, please. Maybe I was expecting too much. But it was a fancy resort, and I did expect a lot.

So, if you are gluten free, talk more, ask more questions, and your experience will be better. I am a firm believer that if you ask nicely, people will help, so…Maybe it was mostly my fault for not asking. I’ll know for next time 🙂


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