Psy – changeling I, II and II; a review by GB

Nalini Singh; paranormal; 7,5 out of 10;  Slave of sensation (1), 8 /10 Visions of heat (2); 8/10 Caresed by ice (book 3) SnowDancer and DarkRiver packs.

The first book; it takes awhile while you get used to the who “Psy Net, Net Mind, etc etc…Basically the technicalities.

Sasha and Lucas; Lucas is alpha of the felines, and Sasha works for her mother in the family company. She is a psy, He is a changeling. In the world, there are humans, who are obviously on the bottom in this world, changelings – aka shape shifters and Psy – in my head the look robotically human; the psy sorta rule, but the changelings are smarter than they lead on. there are different packs in the world, some stronger than others (naturally, Lucas is one ofthe strongest, duh!). The thing is, the Psy are “programmed” into not feeling anything. Not dreaming, not touching, basically being efficient and obedient – eve though there is a hierarchy, and the stronger your powers, the more respected you are. And competitive is something they should stride towards.

Anyhow, poor Sasha, she is an empath, and believes she is going mad because she feels so much.

Honestly, there is just a tad too much of all fantasy stuff, the web and all that, and I find myself skipping that scenes. It’s ike with fighting/war/battle scenes, I skip untill I saw who was injured, who died, who lived. I am not interested in who swung the sward in what way. Same here. But i do have to give the writer respect for making up the whole world. See, imagination is not my strong point, so I give props for that 🙂

Back to Sasha and Lucas; they come into contact because of business, are attracted to each other, she helps him get a bad guy that threatens the changelings, and he helps her drop out of the net (won’t tell how, it’s a spoiler).

Vaugn and Faith; she can see the future, and is isolated because she can’t stand the overload of information. He is so wonderfully patient with her when he is helping her come to terms with her emotions, and helps her to find another bad guy and uses her gift in a way to help people, not just to get money.

I have to say, some of this descriptions make my heart ache…They way they are hungry for te touch…How they pet…They sit into the lap and just give warmth to each other…I am desperate for that too. I really am….

Judd and Brenna; he has been trained as a pro assassin from the early age, she has recently been kidnaped and tortured. He is a psy and she a changeling wolf.

I love how they both want to show strength to eachother, how she can see under the flatness tone, the unmoving face, she can see how much he burns for her…

In sensual scenes, I am very satisfied so far (I do not mean in “that” way!!). Because I recently read the Breeds, and found a bit too much of them, here, they are more sensual, just enough graphical and not over the top. Just right!

The bad bad council wants the both packs to fight (Lucas is alpha of felines, Hawke of wolfs, and they have an agreement) but they are too smart. there is also somebody out to get to Brenna.

And just what is Sashas mother about? I want to think she is really good, like Faiths dad is…maybe he is the shadow?

(I started reading the fourth, but…It’s on my “finish it!!!” list. I might just skip it and begin the fifth, because it wasn’t all that interesting!. Sorry. )


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