Bad-news morning

First, it’s raining again (good thing I worked about four hours in the garden the last two days, de-weeded, put radishes in, divided the leeks, made a support system for the iris’ because they were all droopy…).

Than my friend tells me he is going to the seaside so I can’t visit the baby with him for at least another 10 days. F+ck.

Than mom discovers my brother took the car so I am basically trapped in the house with the in this weather. And we wanted to go shopping. For Ben & Jerry’s.

My computer is super slow today.

I am reading something that came recommended, but it has TSTL heroin and The Big Mistake/secret plot. #fail

So yeah. It’s one of those days.


1) I thought I posted this in the morning, when it was relevant!

2) the bad-ness continued throughout the day; my mom bullied me into going to the doctors (yes, I needed to go, but still!) which really pissed me off; than I waited for two hours because he had an emergency and had to leave.

3) The bill at the store was humongous, even though we didn’t really buy much

4) they had these cute panties, but not in my size, naturally

5) I didn’t get the gluten substitute /xanthan gum

5) To finish with good; I got The Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; they only had bigger panties, so I have a small ass and I am happy about it; I can check “going to the doc’s” off my list; the weather cleared up and it’s going to be clear all weekend!


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