Filled eggplant by GB

Usually, this is done with zucchini; but we had eggplants too, and I wanted to prepare them this way. I googled “filled eggplant”, as well as “eggplant with ground meat” and other variations; I read a few recipes, but didn’t follow any, I just got ideas. I didn’t measure any ingredients, I used as much as I thought it’s necessary.

You need;

ground meat





an onion



First, I removed “meat” from the cut-in-half eggplants;  you need a whole to place the filling in; I left too much meat in it, but do it as you like; getting too close to the skin is another extreme :))

I cooked the rice. ((Rice is just to make the filling richer. You don’t have to include it!))

I cut the garlic, onion eggplant meat and other vegetables and let them simmer; same with ground meat( don’t ask me how long to cook it; I wait untill it changes color, then wait another 10 minutes to be sure 🙂  )) I fired up the oven, oiled the pan (Next time, I’ll just use baking paper, I don’t think the oil was necessary!), placed the eggplants in. I mixed the veggies with meat and rice, than placed the filling in the eggplants. I covered them in foil halfway through, when they looked all dried up, so I advice to do that from the start.

I had too much veggie filling, it’s probably un avoidable, so be carefull when making a  filling; better to have more meat and less veggies imho 🙂 So I advice taking all the meat, than gradually adding rice and veggies untill it looks like you’ll have enough filling. We used the leftover rice as a side dish, and the remaining veggies for dinner.



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