Avon extra lasting, a review by GB

I got this extra lasting  products because I am an avon lady, and  got it for special price, but I couldn’t choose the shades/ color. I am not impressed.

Liquid foundation in ivory (I really lucked out there, that I got the shadow that matched me!!) ; horrible for blending. Coverage – light to medium. It doesn’t shine or glow, it’s fairly invisible, like you are not wearing anything at all. That is the only plus. Because  if you accidentally touch your face to the white t-shirt you are wearing an hour after you applied it, it will transfer.

Lipstick in Totally twig; the color is…not nude, but I would call it “calm”. Granma-ish. After applying, and letting it dry, and I lit up, it stains my cigarettes. Not just one, but three of them!! So much for long lasting.

Liquid eye liner pen in Black; you can easily brush it off with a q tip, dabbed in water. Goes off without tugging or hard pressing, which is also not long lasting! As for application – I don’t have a good hand, so I can’t comment on it.

Eye shade; it says blue wave, it’s white. Very messy to apply, you have to drag it on the eyelid, and since that is about the worse you can do to the eyelid…I apply it with my finger, I tried just the pen, but you have to press on the eyelid too much; I tried a brush, a bit better, but finger works the best – still awfull, but the lesser evil. When I started writing this, I swatched it on my hand; than I went downstairs for lunch, and I dragged on it with m fingers to erase it, because if my mom saw it she would comment on it and be all annoying, and I didn’t even had to wet my fingers for it. It went right of.

The shade – geeez. It’s so light blue, it’s almost white. Not wearable for me at all; so I am thinking of using it as a base, but I have to wear it a few times to see if it creases. I tried it; first wearing it by itself, it creased, but not at least as much as I though it would for a cream foundation! But as a base, it’s great! I tried it with my blue Alverde eyeshadow, which is awful by itself, and it stayed for hours with minimal creasing! Same with lilac by Kiko, and that one is good when I use it by itself (I tried a “bad” one and a good one to compare) . So yeah! I finally have a primer!!

Lip gloss in Perpetual pink. It is nice, very unnotcable, and it does not last for 8 hours. It’s sticky. Sorry.

Mascara in black; a bitc* to remove, an ok mascara. Yesterday, just for fun, I wore it only on my left eye, and applied Max Factor False lash effect on my right. The difference was, that the M. factor “crumpled” a little (but it’s not new anymore, so it was to be expected) and that (I didn’t use an eyelash curler) the M. factor side was nice and curled hours later, when Avon side was slightly droopy – in comparison to the nice swing the M. Factor side had.

The packaging of this collection is awful; I had to tape my own labels on to know which is which; the lipstick, eyeliner and eye shade are all the same size, shape and color (black with red writing); there is a little icon on each, an eye or lips, but it’s small and when you have it in your makeup case, you don’t want to open three different products before you come to the right one!

So, thinking about it, I know smudge proof is not the same as long staying; but for me, long staying also means that you can’t just erase it by touching it.

I also got a make up remover with it. I don’t have an opinion on it.

The end; for the money I payed for the whole “kit”, it’s a great bargain. But if I would pay money for any of it, the amount they are charging for single product,  I would not be happy!


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