Two months since debracing!

Does it seem long? Yes. But it also feels like I’ve only just  had braces.

So, what’s up?

First – I still don’t floss. I can’t on my front bottoms, because of the wire. And I totally forgot that the first time I wanted to floss, and was very disappointed that even though my teeth are now straight, and I don’t have any braces, I still can’t reach my gums. Than it dawned on me. I can’t because there is a wire there. Duh. And the uppers…I just forget. I have my floss right here in front of me on my desk, to remind me, but…I’ll do it right now because I feel bad 🙂 *2 minutes later*  There, done.

I am still wearing my retainer during the day. Even if it’s just for half an hour. I think I should slowly progress to “only overnight”, and also when I have it in, I am less likely to snack. And I have a wedding to go to next saturday, and I should not snack. But than I find myself eating Fearly nuts at 9pm. I NEVER do that. But lately, I have such ferocious apetite…But this is not this posts topic.

Now that they are straight, I want them white. I asked my canadian friend to get me whitening strips, but they won’t be here for a long time, so I bought Colgate maxwhite one, which promises one shade whiter in a week.  It’s been a week, it’s not one shade whiter, but at least I am doing something towards it.

I still can’t really say how it is to be without braces, because retainer is about the same thing. I am mostly thinking about wearing lipstick or lip gloss – I didn’t want to wear it while I had braces because I was afraid it will stick to braces. Now I can’t wear it because I m afraid it will get on the retainer. But for the wedding, i am doing bright pink lips and subdue eyes. Yeah baby!! That is why I wore those braces!

So  – it’s great, but I want them whiter. About 5 shades whiter. So it’s all about whitening toothpaste now!


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