My first time dehydrating food

Since we have a garden and therefore some fruit and veggies; and sometimes, there is extra that we don’t know what to do about it. I tried canning, and honestly, it’s a pain.  So – we bought a cheepo dehydrator, and imho, there is the difference between store-bought “dry” food.

Bu it is ok.

First, I’ve done zucchini. I cut them waaaaay too thick. I thought I can do that because they shrink when they dry anyway. But that also means they take forever to dry, so…I also tried to make zucchini chips. I dunked the zucchini in tomato+ chopped garlic paste. I haven’t decided if I like it yet, I’ll let you know:)

Than I’ve done mango and bananas. I just cut the mango thinly, and I covered the bananas in lemon juice so they wouldn’t turn brown. It did give them a bit too  strong lemony taste, but hey, for the first time doing it, I am happy!

I only need to do it when my mom is a work for a long time because she isn’t happy the machine is running for over 10 hours straight, because of the electricity bill. I agree, but…

I am a total newbie at this food drying, i only know how my grannie does it in her oven, and there is nothing like dry pears, so I am looking forward to our pears being ripe! We only have 3 pear trees, it’s not like I’ll make enough to last the winter, but it’s fun and healthy:)


p.s. Sorry this was not posted yesterday. I simply forgot.


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