Holly Molly, I am having a semi anxiety attack!


The complete one, with tingling all over, having trouble breathing, anxiety, emergency bathroom stops, shaking…




I am totally looking forward to this weekend! I’ll go by bus to the big city, my friend will pick me up on the way, we’ll go to the wedding tomorrow, relaxing on the beach sunday, go see a show in the evening, and I’m coming back on monday. I have everything prepared, not packed so it won’t wrinkle but I know what I’ll wear, I know everybody and everything, so…Yes, it’s a lot of action for me, but I’ve been so good lately!


I’m going for lunch with dad now, maybe that will be the distraction I need and my body will calm down. Because I am certainly not freaking out in my head. Well, I didn’t untill my body started to freak out! And I can calm myself when there is something logical to be afraid of, or if I know that there is something infront of me that I am anxious about, I make lists and calm myself down – well I try to – but in cases like this, it’s a nightmare!!!


Please send me some calming good thoughts…




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