Series I started but didn’t finish…

…and I probably wont 😦 I don’t want to go in-depth why, but reading is supposed to be fun. Yes, sometimes I like to torture myself, but here are the ones I just never finished.

What better to do on a day so hot I’m not moving out of my room than copy pasting, proof reading and link-searching for about 7 different old drafts?


Wicked lovers by Shayla Black

Wicked ties; I am having such hard time with this one, is about dominance and submission, she has to call him yes sir in the bedroom, and my mind simply can’t go into “trust” direction that this is supposed to be about.

I won’t go any further in how un-pleasant this is for me because people feel ashamed enough as it is.

Morgan + Jack; she has a stalker, he is a bodyguard. She is a closeted sub, he an open dom. They meet because she has a sex talk show. If that is not enough, there is also the fact she is an illegitimate secret child of a senator, who pretends to be engaged with her half brother for pretences. Jack knows this half-brother, and only wants to sleep with Morgan to get revenge because this half-brother slept with his ex-wife while they were still married. And she has a crazy stalker who shoots at her. And I swear I am not making this up!!

I think Deke and Alyssa will be characters in one of the next books. Ups. wrong, I guess.

I am only reading this further to see what the other book are “wicked” about.

I can’t. I’ll just read the beginning of each to see what they are about, if it’s any less ridiculous.

Second book, Decadent,  is about Kimber, who comes to Deke so he would teach her about menage, because she thinks a boy she likes is into it, in with not being so innocent, he will like her. That is enough to know that I will not like this book and not even try.


Marcelli familly by Susan Mallery

Book one; the sparkling one

I can’t feel the chemistry between h and H, first of all, he is about 10 year solder, that is always a no-no for me, second, he is supposedly a playboy, yet a dotting father of a 18 year old.

The whole “women need to get married and have babies and not go to school” also couldn’t be more wrong for me!

Also, he “seducing her to get on his side” – it’s just so unbelievable; I mean, if she has an oppinion, would she changed it once they were involved? It’s about thinking, not emotions! And since she had the same second thought about her sisters marriage from the beginning, I can’t get it.

I think I read the second one, but since I can’t remember one sentence about it, it’s a good lesson in “write a review right away after you finish the book!!!” I know i started on the third one, the sisters that is into wine, but again, I just didn’t feel like reading it till the end.



Drake sisters by Christine Feehan

First book is fairly short, about Damon who has bad guys on his back, and Sarah, a security expert, but also a first of 7 sisters with magic powers. Everybody in the town seems to know and accept it, and Damon just takes it as it is. It’s light and uncomplicated.

Kate+ Matt; it’s longer than the first, and we get to know more about each sister, and they don’t come together as easily as the first couple. The danger here is supernatural.

What I love most so far is the story about Hannah and Jonas, we know they’ll end up together, even if they are like cats and dogs now:)

Alexandr + Abbey; this book is even longer! They have known eachother before, and after 4 years, they met again; he is an Interpol agent, she a dolphin scientist. Sometimes,  like with the previous books, a story is a tad out there (Everybody is on the top of its field, singers, writers, rangers, agents…And sometimes they don’t react the way normal people do, I get bothered by that!). I love how he wants to get back together, it’s very touching…The whole story about  killer is a bit far fetched, I skipped most of it,  but I love Prakenskii and I want him and Joely to be a couple!!

Book four! Yes! It’s Hannah! Than it must be Jonas 🙂 But wait…A few pages in, and now it’s about Ty and Libby??

Yep, Libby is the next eldest, it has to be her before there can be Hannah.

I quite like it; it’s just something is bothering me; all this tak about some things, and I just don’t belive it; like Hannah having social anxiety; it’s mentioned all over, yet I don’t belive it. It just doesn’t talk to me, I guess, some books do, and then I cry, but here, in some cases, I can’t relate. It is in the middle of this, fourth book when Libby finally has enough sence to state the obvious; that Jonas is jealous, not degrading!! I had to listen to complains about him for three and a half books, when anybody with half a brain would see it was jealousy the whole time. See what I’m talking about??

((I just might finish this because i want to read Hannah’s book). Otherwise, I am listening to the Charpatians on audio by the same author, and it’s  little slow paced for me. )


Immortal knight by Delilah Devlin

My immortal knight; All hallows heartbreak.

Sorry, so sorry, but this is cheap vampire porn!!

They have sex 10 minutes after they meet, they never have one normal conversation, he is a big macho man and he’ll take care of her. No question that she’ll be turned, the bad guy takes care of that, so… And to think I was recommended her books, because I was complaining about others!


Nauti boys by Lora Leigh

First; she has just almost been analy raped, was mutilated by her attacker, and he, her not-by-blood-step-brother, tells her how he’ll have hard sex with her, and not just that, but it will also be a group thing with his 2 cousins. All that in the first few pages. Do I need to say I am not a fan of this book? Sure, in the and, he discovers that, huh, maybe he doesn’t want to share her with his cousins, go figure, and they live happily ever after, after he saves her from her crazy cop stalker.

Second; H/H slept together 8 years ago, he took her virginity and knocked her up, unfortunately he was drunk and didn’t remember afterwards. She miscarried and left town. Now, she is at a wrong place at a wong time, and heblackmails her for sex so she doesn’t go to jail(even though she did not do anything wrong, it just looks that way). He makes her wax herself bald. At least he never intends to share her with his cousin. They do see how they always loved eachother and he saves her from a crazy cousin/half-brother who wants to frame her for a gun  smuggling operation, or something ridiculous like that (he dresses up as her to frame her. Yes, it’s a he, and what do you know, you just need a wig to impersonate a girl).

Why am I still reading this?

Because Breeds got better after a first few books, too…and I want to finish my series. So I’ll just take a breath and be optimistic!

p.s. I tried Jaci Burton, first book (Riding wild)in Wild riders. I decided not to continue at this time. It’s not bad bad, just…a maybe later.


Rough Riders by Lorelie James

First one (Long hard ride)  about a girl who gets dumped by one cowboy, half an hour later talk with another who tells her that if she has sex with him and two other guys, she can join them on the road, sure, she wants to be a wild girl, she obediently bobbles her head, has some group sex, anal sex, and the Hero has a *ding ding ding* revelation, decides not to share her, and they live happily ever after. I skipped #2, and read half of the third (Cowgirl up and ride) ; where the heroine has had the hots for the hero since she was like 9, and now at over 20 decides to seduce him, successfully. There is a second storyline, and it was too confusing for me. See, there were twins and brothers, and all had similar names. Not that I tried hard, but….when I noticed I didn’t even care enough to make a post it like I usually do if it’s too complicated to keep up,  decided that there must be other books out there, where I won’t suffer, and quit reading.

So, I  confirmed that erotica is obviously not for me. Or maybe I just haven’t found a writer for me! )

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