If you hear honking…

…that’s me.

On wednesday afternoon, I suddenly started leaking.

Yesterday morning, my head hurt, and I started to feel my sinuses, so I went to the pharmacy. She gave me aspirin complex, and because I took two pain killers right after I woke up, I waited for 4 hours and took it than, and my nose running got cut at least by half, and my sinuses stopped hurting!!

I also went to our honey man – it’s  on our street, and asked for honey that is good for colds, and he said forest honey is the best. He also gave me a cup of honey schnapps, and you know I usually don’t drink alcohol, but that is delicious!


Today, I only had to blow my nose like 3 times, but I still don’t feel “healthy”, and my chest feels hangovered, it’s like my lungs have something weird in them, so I am guessing the germs just moved.


I hope I don’t give it to a lot of people tomorrow in the waiting room at the ortho’s!


Hey, you think it’s my last time at the orthos??


Plasting dirt on your hair

Is how dying my hair with henna feels like.

I haven’t done it for years, but after seeing our neighbour with a beautiful shade of red, and it being on sale in the shop, I had to do it!

We used to do it a lot, (me & my roomies) because we heard/read somewhere that it gives your hair some extra power or something – I’ve even done it on my roomie, who has curly wire like hair to mid-back, that was rough, man…But we had fun!! But than she went to india, and heard there that it’s not true, that you need real henna, so because it’s so messy, I haven’t done it since.

But as said, last week, I did it, and…it’s still as messy as I remember it 🙂

I followed instructions on the box, where it said to combine the henna powder with hot water and conditioner, mix it till it’s the consistency of thick paste, apply it on the hair, and leave it for max. one hour.

Luckily I still have what counts as short hair, it’s a bob that I can’t pull into a pony tail, so I was able to do it myself, no idea what people with longer hair do!

See, little pieces fall of it. So you have to be carefull with where you are, and have a plastic one-use only shower cap ready, or in my case, just a plastic bag. I put my towel ower it, to keep it warm and it place, and like it said in instructions, I use the hairdryer on it, for like 10 minutes, for heat to…eeeem…well, power it up , sorta.

Washing it out is easier than washing a banana hair mask out (never, ever do that!!) and don’t be alarmed if the water keeps running out colorful, no matter how long you try to rinse it out. I’ve washed it for at least 5 times since than, and it’s still slightly reddish. BUT I did hear that red is the color that is the least stable on your hair, that it washes out the most, so that is probably another factor in this.

Also, your hair will smell like henna a bit, afterwards. But it’s the same if you use normal (chemical) hair colors, so…

End result – it suits me great, it makes my haircut pop out more, my tan works better, people keep asking me if I’ve done something new to my hair that it looks so much better…I’ll defenetly used the other half of the bag that is left over from this dying!

I’ve been dreading this for 5 months…

and it was done in 10 minutes.


I just hope I can get away with it on my”meeting” on wednesday.


(It was a form about me seeking a job. I filled as little as possible. ))

Ice cream time

We are having glorious weather this fall, and I was at the coast yesterday and treated myself to some olive oil ice cream.

It was delicious.


Point of this post? Don’t be afraid of crazy flavours!

If I ever suddenly stop posting…

…it means I forgot the password. I have all my passwords automatically saved (should I be admitting that publicly??) because most are a variation of the same, so if I ever have to retype it, there is a major possibility that I won’t ever get it right.

Just wanted to put it out there.

Night tracker book 1; a review by GB

By Cheyenne McCray, Demons not included.


Nyx, a PI and a tracker, is an elf princess by night, with violet skin and blue hair, and human by day. She has sex with her guardian, but is in love with a human and has sex with both in the same week. Hate that!

Also, another one that does not end (aka no happy ending). I suspected that when I accidentally read that she is as good as Laurell K. Hamilton. See, I can listen to Anita Blake on audio (on book 6!), but…I won’t be reading about Nyx anymore.


Now off to see if I like Lara Adrian and her Breeds more.

Breaking news!

It happened! I was there! Saw the baby, the house, was there for over 2 hours! It was quite good, imho!

Than I just got a text right this second, and I’ll wait until tomorrow to read it. If it’s another “let’s tell GB all the things that are wrong about her” text, I don’t want to know yet. If it’s a heartfelt one, I want to wait too. I just want to enjoy feeling what I feel at the moment, without her influence.

I held the baby practically the entire time, except when he was asleep – I love babies, plus she can’t say anything about me not being nice to the baby.

I talked with her while the boys talked about building a house (the friend, X,  I was with is also moving in right now) we talked, I asked her questions, so, that can’t be questioned.

I was very cordial with the babydaddy, when he was sitting with us, so another check on my list.

I know two things that I haven’t handled great: the baby daddy said “you haven’t been here yet, and yet you live in the same town, tststs” and i said “Well, Y was taking so long till he came over so we could visit”. Lame excuse, but…What could I say? “She wrote me a bunch of accusatory texts, si I thought she doesn’t want to be my friend, and I didn’t visit”. No, that wouldn’t go over well.

than as we were leaving, she said “GB, do come and visit soon”. And I just nodded and glanced away.

When we were driving away, X said “so, is it ok now, will you get along or do I have to come again to play the matchmaker” and I said that I’ll text her later in the week so we’ll go for a walk together.

And than this text. I still haven’t read it. Eve though I can see I am only psching myself up, think it’s bed.

I’ll see tomorrow!


Update; It was a lovely text; she was happy that I came. Snif snif.

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