New glitter!

I always thought the Essence product are low quality. But than I saw a you tube beauty guru using some of it, so I thought ok, I’ll check it out. I you tube-it some more, and based on that (mostly it was “quite good for this price” aka ok but not good), decided that I’ll get a lip gloss and nail varnish for sure, but everything else only if it’s really cheap and I don’t have it yet (like a highlighter. I really want a highlighter!!).

I got a XXXL shine lipgloss in super girl (non sticky, ultra glossy and moisturising according to the packaging; it’s very shiny and not ultra-non- sticky, so ok) , and two nail varnishes, both supper glittery (one was on sale, I AD to get it 🙂 ). When I came home and googled it, I discovered the glitters were actually meant to be worn as a part of a duo; one nail varnish is a base, and then you top that with a top coat. They are called “nail art twins“; very obviously not all the colors existing are shown here, because one of mine is not. I have Julia and Carrie (There must be Mr. Big somewhere 🙂  ). I love Julia. It’s very wearable (if you like glitter and shine, that is  – on top of all possible colors. It’s going to be fun to get it of, but it does look great!

((Wanted to liven up this post with a picture but…the way I used to do it doesn’t work anymore. Go here ad look at it))

If I wouldn’t be planning to buy very highly praised Bourjouis bronzer (Delice de poudre, better known in the beaty community as The chocolate bronzer), I’ll buy that too, but if would be a waste. I’ll buy that when I’ll cash my discount.

(Ha! Found some glitter that works!)

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