Rescheduled ortho appointment

I should have one this saturday, that is ok, but I couldn’t go at the hour that I was scheduled (we will be having wine harvest/grape harvest/grape picking whatever the term is) so it would be perfect if I could come in early in the morning, so we wouldn’t have to drive down there twice in a month.

So I called on saturday, hoping to catch my ortho. No luck, it was the always-cranky -dentist. Told me it will be her (the orthos) first time in after summer vacation and it’s crazy so stick to the schedule.

So I emailed my ortho directly; I wrote as informative and as short as I could; how it’s just the time that I would like to switch, and it’s my first appointment after debracing, that everything is ok, I a just asking if I can come in early.

She wrote back that I should come on october 1st.

Well, sight, I tried.




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