Reading right now; pirates and immortals

Just quick thought before I forget!

Jennifer Ashley; the pirates trilogy; Pirate next door,The pirate hunter and The care and feeding of pirates. (yes, bad site, I can’t even link to the individual series!)

Yes, they are historical, and i am not the worlds biggest historical fan, I think all have the same undertone, and here it’s the one where the H wants to give orders, and the h’s are “oh so defiant, but can’t resist his kisses”. The very good thing is that none of the heroine is 18, two of them are over 30, this deserves a special shout out because it’s rare. I also like that they are “modern” historical; the heroines don’t really have a problem being sexually active.

Enjoyable books! I’ll read more from her!


The immortals are on the other spectrum of the universe as a genre; no RN here, just a pure fantasy. I can’t help but to enjoy the writing. I am talking about Tamora Pierce. As I just saw from the link, it’s YA book, as I thought.


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