Breaking news!

It happened! I was there! Saw the baby, the house, was there for over 2 hours! It was quite good, imho!

Than I just got a text right this second, and I’ll wait until tomorrow to read it. If it’s another “let’s tell GB all the things that are wrong about her” text, I don’t want to know yet. If it’s a heartfelt one, I want to wait too. I just want to enjoy feeling what I feel at the moment, without her influence.

I held the baby practically the entire time, except when he was asleep – I love babies, plus she can’t say anything about me not being nice to the baby.

I talked with her while the boys talked about building a house (the friend, X,  I was with is also moving in right now) we talked, I asked her questions, so, that can’t be questioned.

I was very cordial with the babydaddy, when he was sitting with us, so another check on my list.

I know two things that I haven’t handled great: the baby daddy said “you haven’t been here yet, and yet you live in the same town, tststs” and i said “Well, Y was taking so long till he came over so we could visit”. Lame excuse, but…What could I say? “She wrote me a bunch of accusatory texts, si I thought she doesn’t want to be my friend, and I didn’t visit”. No, that wouldn’t go over well.

than as we were leaving, she said “GB, do come and visit soon”. And I just nodded and glanced away.

When we were driving away, X said “so, is it ok now, will you get along or do I have to come again to play the matchmaker” and I said that I’ll text her later in the week so we’ll go for a walk together.

And than this text. I still haven’t read it. Eve though I can see I am only psching myself up, think it’s bed.

I’ll see tomorrow!


Update; It was a lovely text; she was happy that I came. Snif snif.

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