If you hear honking…

…that’s me.

On wednesday afternoon, I suddenly started leaking.

Yesterday morning, my head hurt, and I started to feel my sinuses, so I went to the pharmacy. She gave me aspirin complex, and because I took two pain killers right after I woke up, I waited for 4 hours and took it than, and my nose running got cut at least by half, and my sinuses stopped hurting!!

I also went to our honey man – it’s  on our street, and asked for honey that is good for colds, and he said forest honey is the best. He also gave me a cup of honey schnapps, and you know I usually don’t drink alcohol, but that is delicious!


Today, I only had to blow my nose like 3 times, but I still don’t feel “healthy”, and my chest feels hangovered, it’s like my lungs have something weird in them, so I am guessing the germs just moved.


I hope I don’t give it to a lot of people tomorrow in the waiting room at the ortho’s!


Hey, you think it’s my last time at the orthos??

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