Introducing a fruit; quince

Quince has a special smell to me, it reminds me of my granny, she always made quince jam…


So if you don’t know quince, some info about it.

You can’t eat it raw.
You don’t need to add stuff to it when you are making a jam because it’s full of pectin already. At least that is what it says everywhere. my experiences are not really so. You’ll hear more next week.
The name marmalade originates from quince, because it’s called marmelo in portuguese!

It has a waxy peel.

They go well together with apples, peaches and squash.

I’m not sure what healthy flesh looks like; most of mine were white-y, but a lot of them had these brown stains,a nd since I couldn’t decide if they are ok or not, my mom said that “if it’s not “soft or squashier” than the rest of quinces, that it’s ok. So I just decided it’s ok.


Quinces are cool ūüėČ




Rainy days

Still alive; just didn’t feel like blogging. Sorry.


Going to get my hair cut tomorrow, yeeey!!


Quince jam -making off – coming this sunday, I promise!

The new kitchen is here!!

In million parts, strewn all around our dinning room, but it is here, and there is a man putting it together!!


The others still need to do some final touches, and paint one wall, but other than that, it’s almost over!! *happy dance*

Liar liar…

I am about to lie to my mom in about 20 minutes. I may have to do some fake crying too. I just have to do it quick and fake being angry and¬†disappointed. Deep breaths…

Fast track series, go and read it!

By Erin McCharthy; it’s a ¬†driver series, the titles are ¬†Flatout sexy, Hard and fast, Hot finish, Chase, and the newest one is coming out this month (or is already out, no idea. ¬†Awesome books, ¬†LOVED it! I thought I liked her vampire series, but this is straight contemporary, with awesome sex scenes, good¬†dialogue, real life plots. Highly¬†recommended!!

No kitchen; 6 days of fast food

(and counting)

I am sorta enjoying this, it’s a great opportunity to eat junk food(for me, everything I have to heat up is sorta junk food) but i also miss normal food after a few days.

Day one; pizza )I haven’t had pizza in over 6 months. Why not, exactly??)

Day two; doner kebap

Day three, burek¬†(pastry filled with cheese or meat, they only had cheese, I was looking forward to meat ūüė¶

Day four; granny on wheels (aka mom stopped by and brought food from her ūüôā ) ¬†; rice and kitchen with mandarine orange¬†¬†sauce) ( heated in the microwave)

Day five; ¬†visit at granny “1; veggie soup, filled eggplant, stakes in white sauce, salad. Ahhh, home food, finally….

Day six; visit at granny #2; soup, filled bellpepers in red sauce, salad. (Also, 4 Tupperware dishes for next days; one filled with leftover bellpepers, second with stakes in sauce, third with baked pancakes and cheese filling, fourth – soup).

So I don’t have to worry what we’ll eat tomorrow ūüėČ

Than, after 4 days of “home food”; maybe it will be time for another pizza. Gotta milk it while I can .)

The Sky high series, a review by GB

By Jill Shalvis.

Book one; Smart and sexy,Noah and Bailey.

Perfect example of TSTL heroines.

Keeping secrets from the hero, even though he has been helping her escape from the bad guys, because she doesn’t wanna endanger him; but she doesn’t tell him that, there is just a lot of lip-nibbling and non-responsivness. He tells her not to use her cell because they can track her. She uses her cell phone.

Also, sex while the bad guys with guys are literally a few feet behind them? Hate that.

So  Рnot a fan!

Book 2; Strong and sexy;  Dani and Shayne; I hate how she is described as crazy, juts because she is a klutz and is not as elegant as her mother. And how come the guys company is supposed to be all mortgaged out (but on the mend) and yet, he drives a porshe? And Noah, the hero from the first book, missed the whole party, having sex with his wife in the office. Sorry, that is not right, I do not approve.

The whole story about the stalker was a bit far fetched, but I really liked the chemistry between H/h, even though why they kept being confused annoyed me.

Book 3; Superb and sexy; Mady and Brody; I couldn’t wait for this one,¬†because¬†their story started in the first book, with just hot looks, and the second, with kissing, but than, dum dum dum duuum, it starts with this crazy story about Maddie having a twin and running from bad guys.

So the plot is nothing to gush about, but the chemistry between these two is.


The verdict – this series has some “oh no!!” moments, but the sex scenes are hot.

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