“Looking perfect” said my ortho :)

It was over in about 3 minutes 🙂

Came in, wearing my retainer, opened, close, she kept murmuring how great it looks, than to take it out, open, close, it’s great 🙂

Than she asked me how I’m wearing the retainer, told her always at night, sometimes over the day, and she said to put it in daily for like one or two hours, and to come back in 6 months 🙂

She’ll have her baby in between, and god knows what will happen with me, but…I’m happy she is happy!

I got to talk to a girl in the waiting room, it was her first consultation before braces, and I gave her my whole talk, how great it is, how happy I was, that all you have to do is own it, and how to obey the food rules, etc…I just wish I got to say that to another girl, whose mom was sitting outside with my mom, and had a daughter who has been deciding to had braces done for the last two years!! I would love to tell her how great it is!

The mom said to my mom how they were talking “how beautiful I am”. As in me 🙂 Glad to hear it :))


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