Ice book one and guild hunter, semi – review by GB

By Anne Stuart

Book 1; Black ice; Chloe and Bastien.

I am forcing myself through this, because she is on my list of TSTL heroins.

Also, some things are just silly, like very powerful criminal organisations won’t find her at home. because somehow, even though majority of the book happens in france, and the organisations involved are from across the world, and they find and kill her roommate in a few hours, they won’t find her in the USA.

And even though she thinks he is married, and is angry at him, she has sex with him. Yes, his being married is just a cover, but she believed it to be true at the time and she still did it. Unforgivable in my book.

She keeps thinking how he doesn’t care for her, even though he continually saves her life and kisses her and…Arghg, she is such a damsel in distress, being doey eyed and crying and waiting for him to rescue her. When he s trying to do that, she keeps disobeying him and wants to go with him, duh, he is a pro, she would only hold him back! I mean, in some books, that also works, they can be helpful, or clumsy, whatever, it works, here, she is just stupid for doing it. She is a goody two shoes, to scarred to drive in Paris, bla bla bla…She is annoying!

Not that he is much better, alpha to the core – even 15 pages before the end of the book he is still planning to leave her. Than one page later, suddenly he tells her he loves her.

Book 2; cold as ice —- started but just didn’t feel the pull, so I won’t finish it.

Nalini Singh; Guild hunter series; book one – Angels blood; book two Archangel’s kiss…

Read book one, liked it, was very excited that FINALLY there is a series I am looking forward to, and discover in book two that it’s about the same couple 😦 I checked and book 3 is again about Elena and Raphael, but book 4 is about somebody else, so maybe I’ll do the unimaginable and skip the third book and just start the fourth. I’ll see.


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