No kitchen; 6 days of fast food

(and counting)

I am sorta enjoying this, it’s a great opportunity to eat junk food(for me, everything I have to heat up is sorta junk food) but i also miss normal food after a few days.

Day one; pizza )I haven’t had pizza in over 6 months. Why not, exactly??)

Day two; doner kebap

Day three, burek (pastry filled with cheese or meat, they only had cheese, I was looking forward to meat 😦

Day four; granny on wheels (aka mom stopped by and brought food from her 🙂 )  ; rice and kitchen with mandarine orange  sauce) ( heated in the microwave)

Day five;  visit at granny “1; veggie soup, filled eggplant, stakes in white sauce, salad. Ahhh, home food, finally….

Day six; visit at granny #2; soup, filled bellpepers in red sauce, salad. (Also, 4 Tupperware dishes for next days; one filled with leftover bellpepers, second with stakes in sauce, third with baked pancakes and cheese filling, fourth – soup).

So I don’t have to worry what we’ll eat tomorrow 😉

Than, after 4 days of “home food”; maybe it will be time for another pizza. Gotta milk it while I can .)


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