Introducing a fruit; quince

Quince has a special smell to me, it reminds me of my granny, she always made quince jam…


So if you don’t know quince, some info about it.

You can’t eat it raw.
You don’t need to add stuff to it when you are making a jam because it’s full of pectin already. At least that is what it says everywhere. my experiences are not really so. You’ll hear more next week.
The name marmalade originates from quince, because it’s called marmelo in portuguese!

It has a waxy peel.

They go well together with apples, peaches and squash.

I’m not sure what healthy flesh looks like; most of mine were white-y, but a lot of them had these brown stains,a nd since I couldn’t decide if they are ok or not, my mom said that “if it’s not “soft or squashier” than the rest of quinces, that it’s ok. So I just decided it’s ok.


Quinces are cool 😉




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