Found a needle!

In a haystack of erotica that I read! (ok, it’s not a haystack; it was what, about 7 different authors, and I disliked all of them). But I found a good one!

It’s Olivia Cunning; sinners on tour (Backstage pass and Rock hard). So far, only two books in the series were written, but comparing to all the others (other erotica genre)  I’ve read, they are good!

Yes, there are some things I would normally complain in a book, but since it has a plot, lot’s pf dialogue, not just sex scenes – and the scenes are versatile, and when there is a threesome, its’ a believable threesome. And there was no submission – dominance, I HATE that.

(I have to add a complaint, it’s just a personal preference, but…I HATE having real people pics in my head when reading, and she has full face profiles of the rock star heroes on her page. I know some people like it, I’m not one of them. What if I don’t find them attractive? I’ll be stuck with that face and won’t be able to like a hero no matter how hard I’ll try!)

So yeah. I found a good one, it exist! Here is hoping I’ll come across more…


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