Yesterday, I shuffled manure.

Not sure if it can be called that, maybe soil-to-be is a better term, lol:)

So, we have a garden a compost pile, which we use to put the mawned grass in, kitchen waste  (peels etc)  -I am the only one who does that in our home), and other garden stuff that belongs there. I am sure there are some rules for having a good compost, but I only try to make sure that only what is supposed to go there goes there, and when we have a lot of fresh grass, I pour some water over it, to make it decomp faster. The soil that we “create” there is supposed to be used in the spring, when you prepare your garden for planting. We only do that every couple of years, we forget most of the time, lol:)

It was a nice, sunny fall day, we have a lot of leaves around the garden, so I decided to take the pile apart, to mix it up a bit, to air it, and to mix some of the leaves and herbs in between ((My technique for dealing with fall leaves is to put them in a  pile, than mawn over it, to make them smaller and decomp faster – and the rest we give to our neighbours so they burn it)).

So, I did that, and my back muscles are letting me know that they are not used to work as much!!

I also found out that grapes, egg shells and orange peels take the longs to decompose. Go figure!


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