My holiday list

I have notes and list all over, and a few ideas in my head, I need somewhere where I can keep an overlook over it!!

So; buy Xmass cards.

Check how much the calendar cost. Great price! Next; make signs for the dog, take pics of her, decide which will do, (OMG, I made such awesome shots! I can’t wait! ))and take it to the photo studio.

Friend 1; Bday; flower and eyeliner  (Buy pot, pot the plant, buy eyeliner) ((done!)      Xmass; slippers

Friend 2 Xmass; calendar, flower, sweets, toothbrush; slippers

Friend 3 Xmass: callendar, photo frame for the new baby???

Friend 4; calendar, pocket calendar? eyeshadow, board game? curl creme

Secret Santa; sweets, cheese),(nixed the cheese because it need to be kept under certain temperature, and since it can’t if it’s in the box, it would arrive non edible) salad oil, chocolate money, liquor,  lace (found it in my secret drawer of gifts! Saved money!!)  and mail it!!!    ((it’s packed, I realy only need to carry it to the post office and mail it! )) Done! Sent!

Brother; Bday; ????????? Xmass; Slippers I know where to buy them, that is almost half of buying them!)

Mom; earings, lipstick, callendar II

Friend group; hand creams for ladies, ?? for boys – I need it this saturday!!

Needs to happen asap, done)


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