The most _____ of 2011, yet another article, but I like this one!!

Look at this!! Short girl haircut was the most influential of the year! I am so happy to see this!! I’ve found short hair is still believed to  be something different and not an obvious choice, and other stupid shit like that, that is why I am happy about Emma’s cuty pie pixie won!!


The point of fireworks and other noise making stuff

Somebody explain. Please. Is it worth all the money for that few seconds?? The possible injury?? And the ones that aren’t fireworks, that just make a BANG noise?? They are the least understandable to me. If you wanna  hear a bang, go bang your head in the wall, it will make  agreat noise too!!

They mostly anger me because of what they do to our poor dog. She is seriously annoyed, it distresses her, she barks and complains. She is not afraid, she doesn’t shake or whine, but it bothers her.

So please. Why in the world would that be so fun??

The journey of finding something as good as BDB…


I saw Gena Showalters Lords of the underworld on a few “best romance paranormal” (or something alike) list, and I was excited to try.


It does get better as you go along, so far, the 6th one (last that I have)  is my favourite. Yes, they all have their issues, she blends the characters nicely in the books, so that yu get to meet them before “their” book, and the women are not one-dimensional, it’s just not…deep enough for me. I want less bullets and more dialogue. I did like the Greek gods vs the Titans, I thought that is quite unique!

Honestly, I can’t really complain about anything, it’s just not something I would recommend to anybody but somebody who wants to read paranormal series and nothing else.

Retro appetizer; deviled eggs! Recipe ala GB

I think my mom used to make this, but just a few times, it’s too elaborated for her!

So; I followed this great tutorial for deviled eggs, and here is a shorter version, and my comments.

Always use more eggs that you think, because they will break, so it’s good to have spare! Take them out of refrigerator a few hours before you intend to cook them, otherwise the change in temperature will make them break. I didn’t find that putting them sideways made a change in yolk positions. Just boiling the water and then letting them harden in the hot water is a great way to conserve energy! I am always a little sceptical so I waited for an hour, nit just half an hour, and then transferred them into cold water; you have to change the cold water a few times, because it will become hot soon.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks, and then do at your hearts desire; I used a little horseradish for the kick, some mayo, mustard, and I chopped to tiny pieces two egg whites that got ruined in the process of removing the egg yolks.

On my mothers insistence, I added a tiny tiny splash of vinegar. Than mush it all together, and add what you think it needs adding. It’s very flexible thing! I tried the freezer bag technique, but the first time, my bag exploded, and the second (I just transferred the filling on the other side of the bag) I made the whole too big.

It’s a fun recipe, and it’s GF!


(My uncle told me just yesterday he makes it without mayo, because my cousin doesn’t like it, but with canned tuna fish! I never tried it, but it must be something to try!)

It’s the presents day!!

Started my day with opening my SS gift, it’s not sucky (I admit I was a bit disappointed because of the size), it has hand made gifts, lovely tree ornament, some sweets…It was so fun opening it, I because didn’t want to wake my mom (and the dog!)  I opened it under the covers, to muffle the sounds!!

Tonight we have Santa with our grannie, and maybe in the evening, at home (mom is going away tomorrow and wants to wear the jacket the Santa is bringing her, so we have to fast forward it 🙂

I have both their presents wrapped up, so I’m ready!

Hope you get some wonderful gifts!!

(I am still waiting for the postman to bring two of them, and I am very very excited about one, maybe too much excited, I like to get to reveed up :S )

New tools

I got my first foundation brush! Honestly, why would that application be better than with fingers, I can’t yet say. If I would know how to contour, than yes, I could see that is better with a brush.

Anyhow, it’s an Ecotools brush, costed a little over 6€.

Second is an eyelash curler. I’ve had one for years, I am pretty certain it was a Revlon one. I never understood why the lash curlers are always so prazed! Than I bought the QVS (less than 3 €¨) one. O. M. G. It actually curls the lashes!! I have nice sized lashes, nothing spectacular, except if I compare it to my moms blond, stumpy lashes, but it really curls them! I was amazed, and I (the queen of keeping stuff) immediately threw the old one away!

No other purchases recently; I am counting on getting some for Christmas! (If my packages EVER arrive!!!)

Good historicals,another semi review by GB

The Hathaways by Lisa Kleypas; yes, a good series, adorable characters, loved the second one because it was so emotional! It ranks above average in my historicals ratings, but not on the top (I don’t even have a top historical, I think!


(Read this is november, and since this is all I wrote then, I’ll leave it at that!)

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