Are you an easy gift person?

It’s my birthday next week, and this is december, the month of gifts, so it got me thinking of how hard/easy is to gift people. BTW, having a Bday in december is totally and completely unfair. You only get one gift from most people!

I think I am very easy to find gifts for.

I love all things cosmetics; so buy me a nice scented body lotion, eye pencil, anything remotely makeup, and the target is hit. I literally don’t have any more room to get potted plants to, because I love them so much, so buy me another one, and I’m happy (ok, you have to know me for that one, because I have a lot of them). This totally inspired me just now what to wish from my uncle, who has been asking me what I want (we always ask between the family what we went, so you can get what you really wish; that way, I’ve gotten my electrical toothbrush, among others) and I remembered; I’ll ask for a gift certificate for a manicure; it’s something I really wish, but won’t splurge on; so, it’s a gift!

Back to me; anything clothes or accessory, jewelery, books, food, shawl, cap, gloves, tea or tea related things…


I have a Bday party next weekend for my friends, and I’ll admit I wish to get a tea set. They know I love my tea, they know where I get it, I just hope they’ll think on it!


I openly admit I love having my birthday and I love getting gifts.


’tis the season…:)


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