Pumpkin apple strudel, as made by GB

Would you belive that is was hard to find any kind of recipe for this??

I read in bunch of places how pumpkin and apple compliment each other, but then you want to bake with it, and nada!

So I improvised. I had 300 grams (4 sheets) of phyllo dough. No idea how much of pumpkin; but of what I had, I added about one-third of apples. Better to have more, and you can make fine filling strudel, than to little and you end up with measly thin strudel slices!I discovered the best way to shred is to put them in the onion thingy (better known as food chopper; yes, you might have to do more bathes, but it’s worth the saved time in shredding!).

I mixed the pumpkin and apple, added som sugar and cinnamon, and mixed it; I put a moist cloth under the phyllo dough sheets, and spread them with cream (I could also use butter, butter and crumbs mixture…But I had some heavy cream I knew I would never use if I don’t put it in here, so, voila. Cram, spread the pumpkin and apple, roll. Cram, pumpkin and apple, roll. After I put them in the pan, I smeared over them with some heated up butter, and forgot to use he rest of the heavy cream. I baked it at 170 celsius for 50 minutes, or untill it turned golden color!

This is a great innovative recipe!


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