The party countdown; 3 days!

Again, I need to sort things out in my head and make a plan, and I am using this blog to do it!

So; I need to;

– dust the dinning room & living room, vacuum everything (including the celings!)and clean my room. Scrub the toilet. Clean the refrigerator.

– Decide on the menu. This is it so far;

Pumpkin soup with polenta dumplings; drat, all my pumpkins rotted! I need to decide on another soup!! Or maybe I can buy a pumpkin?  Chicken breast with honey-balsamic glaze OR chilli. If I do chicken, I have to make rise as a side dish, but I can make different salads to go with it (green, cabbage, buckwheat with bell peppers and tomatoes, bean ). If I do chilli, do I can make it a day early, and also serve it with salads, and what? Corn chips? BUT it doesn’t sound as cool as the honey glaze…But making stakes for so many people can go wrong; ok, so it’s max 7 people, I can do that, right? Last year, it was 10, and I have bad memories so I need to make up for it!!!! Caramelized pineapple as a dessert. With ice cream? Or some kind of sauce? Instead of a cake, cupcakes – that I am sure of. And do I wanna do hours d’oeuvre? Maybe bacon wrapped dates or prunes, or something retro like deviled  eggs? Yep, devil eggs it is.

As I search all this, i am more and more sure I’ll do the chilli. If I have appetizers, soup, chilli & salads, one main dessert, and than cupcakes, I think it will be enough, not impressive, but I am just one person…AND everything willl be gluten free, I wanna show them you can do gluten free without much trouble!

Drinks; I have wine, I need to check the liquor, we have enough liquors! Yeah! and what else we have, and decide if I need to get gin and tonic, or if I say they have to be happy with the vine.

And what about the afternoon snack?

I also need to buy oranges, somehow, we always end up eating them, and bring up the hazelnuts – when we sit around the table, and crack them, it’s lovely!

So, list for things to buy;






fruit juices


I also have to bake the cupcakes on friday,a nd if I decide for chilli, I can make that too.

I have to remember to prepare the Xmass presents for them!

__ _  _ _ _

Again; asap, done.


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