Tidbits #?

  • Only 3 people came to my Bday party in the end, still we had a nice time
  •    Got new boots! Sorta military style grey ankle high, winter flat (winter flat is different than summer flat, don’t mistake the two!) boots. Love them!
  • I got my first Bday /xmass package this week!! I was so excited!! I got the funniest clutch, framed photo of us that is already
  • I sent off Xmass cards and two packages this week, and decided to go stingy and sent them all the cheapest way possible. I think it’s even cooler if they arrive after Xmass, people think they already got everything and then SURPRISE! Here is another present!
  • Because of this, I was at the post office 3 times in 4 days.
  • My brother is abroad, I am getting something to wear as a gift, because he asked my size. Brothers.
  • My nails are shitty. I am even thinking of trying shellac for a few months to strengthen them!
  • I “planted” my date pits. I had them soaking for at least 2 weeks now, and it was at least 15 of them, and i just pushed them down in the soil of all my potted plants. Now we’ll see if any grow out!
  • Ran out of my RN audio books, so I am now listening to The game of thrones. It’s good to expand ones horizons!!

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