New tools

I got my first foundation brush! Honestly, why would that application be better than with fingers, I can’t yet say. If I would know how to contour, than yes, I could see that is better with a brush.

Anyhow, it’s an Ecotools brush, costed a little over 6€.

Second is an eyelash curler. I’ve had one for years, I am pretty certain it was a Revlon one. I never understood why the lash curlers are always so prazed! Than I bought the QVS (less than 3 €¨) one. O. M. G. It actually curls the lashes!! I have nice sized lashes, nothing spectacular, except if I compare it to my moms blond, stumpy lashes, but it really curls them! I was amazed, and I (the queen of keeping stuff) immediately threw the old one away!

No other purchases recently; I am counting on getting some for Christmas! (If my packages EVER arrive!!!)


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