Retro appetizer; deviled eggs! Recipe ala GB

I think my mom used to make this, but just a few times, it’s too elaborated for her!

So; I followed this great tutorial for deviled eggs, and here is a shorter version, and my comments.

Always use more eggs that you think, because they will break, so it’s good to have spare! Take them out of refrigerator a few hours before you intend to cook them, otherwise the change in temperature will make them break. I didn’t find that putting them sideways made a change in yolk positions. Just boiling the water and then letting them harden in the hot water is a great way to conserve energy! I am always a little sceptical so I waited for an hour, nit just half an hour, and then transferred them into cold water; you have to change the cold water a few times, because it will become hot soon.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks, and then do at your hearts desire; I used a little horseradish for the kick, some mayo, mustard, and I chopped to tiny pieces two egg whites that got ruined in the process of removing the egg yolks.

On my mothers insistence, I added a tiny tiny splash of vinegar. Than mush it all together, and add what you think it needs adding. It’s very flexible thing! I tried the freezer bag technique, but the first time, my bag exploded, and the second (I just transferred the filling on the other side of the bag) I made the whole too big.

It’s a fun recipe, and it’s GF!


(My uncle told me just yesterday he makes it without mayo, because my cousin doesn’t like it, but with canned tuna fish! I never tried it, but it must be something to try!)


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