Good vampires found!

I recommend Kresley Cole. Enough said!


Edited 10 months later. WRITE DOWN HOW FAR YOU COME IN A SERIES!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Bday celebration one month later

Because of my brothers travels, and my cousins handball games, we did not manage to celebrate our Bdays in december, so we did it yesterday.

We had two courses, because my bro was being snotty over fish course – he happily ate it afterwards! We had frozen filets of salmon, already marinated, and I decided to bake it in the oven with potatoes and vegetables, to save space on the herd. The second option as rice and Wienna stakes. I was a little afraid of doing fish, I’ve never done it in the oven, especially in this new oven! But it turned out great! I peeled and cut the potatoes, than cooked them, so they boiled for about 5 minutes, than stuck them in the oven, on baking sheet with some oil, at 120 celsius, so they started baking slowly. I added zucchini, onion, carrots, and about half an hour before end, I added fish. I let it bake, then upped the temp, because the guest were there, and added about 2dcl of white wine. I’ve done the right thing and only turned the fish once, yey me! I usually count one medium potato per person, and this time, it turned enough, than god 🙂 It was waaay too much rice, but we hade it for lunch today, so all was good!

All in all, it was a great day! My bro brought his GF to meet the family, she said she’ll come again, so we behaved, hehe.

Yes, I liked that movie

What’s your number. It’s a corny romantic comedy, but not as typical as most of them, there as some things that are atypical, that I like, and just…I like it. (yes, another one of those 🙂

This is my 500th post!

I would promise to write better, but I can’t; and as in better, I mean longer, more juicy sentences (grammatically, and ok, the topics could be more interesting too, but I live a boring life), grammatically better structured etc etc.

Now that I have told all that is bad, I will also say that I am ok with it. If I would say I am  happy, I would lie, because I do not put enough  effort into it to call it that. This is my sorta diary, and it seems this way because nobody talks back to me, too…See what I mean with grammatically better sentences? (and this was supposed to be a paragraph of positive things. I ain’t good with that 🙂   )

So. Happy 500th!

Nom’s are out; Gb remembers

First thing I thought of when Academy awards were announced today was of a day few days ago, when I left my than roomie and BFF wait at the restaurant because I was watching the nominations. She id not understand 🙂 (It was 5 min max, but…It was more that I told why I was late, not that I was late 🙂 )


Just wanted to share…


(If you are interested in nomination, I found this fun and useful).

Me tired

– – – Written on monday. Was a good girl this week, studied a lot, forgot all about a blog.  – – —


Woke in the middle of the night to watch the Golden globes. Went back to sleep. Worried the whole time what will happen when I wake up because my cell was out of battery and I didn’t want to look for it at that hour ((I NEED to k now what time is it when I first open my eyes to see if I can try to go back (I wake easily and am usually not capable of going back to sleep).

Slept till 7.45, was happy with that, ate cheese with banana and honey, took the dog for a walk, put the trash out took a shower and washed my hair, dyed my hair, watches 50/50 whilst doing it, washed my hair again (good workout or my leg muscles, bending over the tub for that long – washing out henna takes forever!), dried my hair, made lunch (pasta with leek with tuna), finished checking out all the G. globes posts I could find, hoped on a bike with the dog and went for a walk and a cup of cocoa with BFF and the baby, came back, freezing, started to go through my study book, realised I have to work on my concentration, because I have none. I am pretty patient with myself at that point, because after years of not doing anything with my brain it will take time, but I really need to come up with a system.

No idea of what kind as yet 🙂 I’ll post it when I figure it out!!

Ginger again!

I used henna on my hair again. Last time I was at hair salon and had my hair done was 28th of october. When it’s over 2 months  after having my hair dyed, they get lifeless and dull. Because I am growing my hair out (my bangs too! I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months and they are not even over my eyes!!


It was a big mess, again, but it was enough of the product left and the color looks even, that’s enough for me!

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