Buisness as usuall here…

That means I only have half- of a post to post. Fruit bread is another “december” dish, and I found a recipe at Shauna, and even though we don’t have buttermilk or buttermilk powder, nd I’ve never heard of psyllium husks, I decided to try t!

I first looked around for substitutes; buttermilk powder is substituted by cup of milk with added lemon juice. Ok, that can be done. Psyllium husks; I started thinking it probably has similar characteristics in baking as xanthan gum. I was sorta right.

We always have prunes, and because I thought to give them as Xmas gifts, I had dried figs and that orange fruit, geeez, why can’t I remember?? I’ll also add dates, but no raisins, I ain’t a fan.

I didn’t have dry yeast, so I had to do with active one. Yiykes. I am afraid of that!!

Than I remembered we have a full fridge of yesterdays leftovers, and if I bake this, there will only be more leftovers and potentially food thrown away, and decided to do it another day, possibly tomorrow. So; so far, this is it!


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